The new supercell game – Brawl Stars

As you all know Supercell is not the typical company that makes many games for a year, rather the opposite, is a company that maximizes one game a year but this game is usually a hit and be worked to the fullest.

Brawl Stars presents us a 3v3 fight in real time

Well, it all points out that Brawl Stars follows the same line. This is a 3v3 real-time multiplayer game, although the game is also ready to play in local mode.

To start the game players must select their characters and each of them will have their own skills and above all, their own attacks. The players are called Brawlers and it was clear that we can improve them as we collect stars in the games and the different rewards that we find.

But what can we do in this great game? For now, four different modes of play are known in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Game Modes

  • Bounty: In this game mode the team that collects the most stars will win. For this we must eliminate the opponents of the other team and we must collect the highest number of stars.
  • Smash & Grab: In this mode we must collect crystals from the center of the map while fighting against the rival team. The objective is to collect 10 crystals before the other equipment.
  • Heist: In Heist mode we have to protect or attack a safe filled with valuables from safecrackers. We will have a couple of minutes to determine who will take the booty.
  • Showdown: A fun gameplay. In Showdown 10 players will have to survive in an arena that will shrink little by little. The player who survives to the end will be the one who will be able to win.

Coins and elixir, as always, will be our goal

During our game of Brawl Stars we will get coins, elixir and chips to improve and unlock new Brawlers. The good thing is that we can gt any number of gems using the hack for brawl stars and also create a band where we will share strategies to improve our multiplayer game and defeat the rest of players who want to challenge us.

In order to encourage the bite between players we will have local and regional rankings to be able to see our evolution and to foment the hatred towards the best player of all.

As with all Supercell games, we can get coins and elixir with real money so watch out for the kids in the house who do not read it to you in a moment.
Main features of Brawl Stars

  • Challenge the rest of the world in 3v3 real-time battles.
  • Each time we progress in the game we can unlock new Brawlers. As we mentioned before, each one of them will have its unique and valuable characteristics.
  • Four confirmed game modes.
  • Rankings to bite between us.
  • Possibility of forming bands of Brawlers with other players of the network to practice and exchange tactics.
  • We can improve our Brawlers and make them much stronger. We will also have unlockable skins.

BRAWL STARS | Gameplay of the NEW Supercell GAME

At the moment the game is only available in iTunes but the bad news is that it is not available in all countries. At the moment they can only enjoy Brawl Stars, without cheating, in Canada. In android and other countries confirm that it will take a couple of months to have it, but hey, we will be very attentive.

Download Brawl Stars for iTunes

Do not be surprised that you do not see the download link, remember that it is only for iTunes from Canada and the following countries that you enable.

I hope you liked the article. I think it’s not going to be a hit like Clash Royale but it looks great and will certainly be very entertaining. We will tell you everything we find out about it and as soon as we can create a Brawl Stars guide. Remember to visit the smartphone news section to discover many more launches and other news.

Cooking Fever – Fever by the kitchen

Hello gamers, today I bring you a game for the most lovers of cooking and fast games.

Short Note on Cooking Fever:

With a good number of downloads on both iOS and Android, I present, Cooking Fever. A game where speed, time management and organization will be your best allies.

In Cooking Fever you will have to prepare the food that your clients ask you and serve it in the shortest possible time to get them to go happy and leave you better tips.
Expand your food empire

We will start the game by having a fast food place and as we go, we can buy more restaurants. We have 8 places available (although they promise more on the way) from fast food, pastries and desserts, pizzerias and even a seafood restaurant.

In each of the premises you have to unlock all kitchen appliances and ingredients available and improve them to be able to serve faster and with better quality.

It also improves each of the premises adding music, stools, televisions… which will attract more customers.

To carry out all the best of the restaurants you will need coins. There are several ways to get them:

  1. The coins mainly, you will get them when you surpass each one of the levels and with the tips of the clients.
  2. Another way to get them is with the daily reward when entering the game.
  3. You can also get coins by installing some other application that will offer the game for you to try and in exchange you will get a good amount of them.
  4. Fulfilling the achievements that google play offers. These in addition to coins, will also give you experience that will be required to level up.
  5. Connecting you to facebook, giving you a like on your facebook page, inviting a facebook friend and finally following the page on twitter
  6. As not, with micropayments that the application offers although I bring you that are not necessary at all.

To be able to buy the restaurants I named before. In addition to coins, you will also need gems. Gems are a lot harder to get than coins. You will get them every time you raise a level in the game. You can get them as well as the coins by connecting to facebook, giving you a like on your page, inviting a friend of fb, following the page on twitter or with micropayments, but the amount obtained will be much lower.

Cooking Fever is a free and addictive game that has good ratings in download applications. To make it more interesting Cooking Fever, it has external achievements to the game itself which I, as I said in some other analysis, I like.

I invite you as always, to try the game and give me your opinion.

Cooking Fever Trailer:

Cooking Fever is from my opinion quite an entertaining and addictive game although sometimes it can be a little overwhelming because it does not give you time to do so many things at once. If you play my advice is to improve as soon as possible the objects for the kitchen much earlier than the ingredients because if not, you will not get anything. I hope you enjoy this game and get yourself become a great chef. Greetings to all!

Club Penguin: Membership Codes for Nintendo DS

They now announced that Disney Interactive Studios confirmed the work on a new game for the Nintendo DS. This is the name of Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge wear and thus, build as a direct sequel to its predecessor from 2008, which was also released for Nintendo’s handheld: Elite Penguin Force.

Lane Merrifield, co-founder of and vice president of Disney Online Studios said that the reason for this project that the first fruits should be unexpectedly well received by the players. Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force sold since its release about two years ago more than 1.5 million times:

We were really surprised and delighted by the incredible feedback for the DS titles and the kids have made it clear to us that they on the Nintendo DS will have more Club Penguin adventures. So to produce a successor is a great way to comply with this request and the Club Penguin world offline continue to promote.

In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Herbert’s Revenge also, the main focus on the missions and mini-games, is placed as in the predecessor and in MMORGP by her as Herbert, a vegetarian polar bear who has never learned to swim and the cold can not stand , the adventure denies.

Although Disney Interactive online platform has already found in more than 190 countries worldwide appeal, the first offline test for DS did not show unfortunately as a German version. Whether the sequel will appear in this country, is unknown to date. However, should this not be the case – the hope is the last thing dies – can at least those of the English language, looking forward to the release in the summer.

Until then, those interested can already times take some screenshots of the title under the microscope.

Since 2010, Club Penguin has given many free usable club penguin membership codes. Any user can redeem these codes in your account Club Penguin. The best part about this type of codes 2016 Club Penguin is that are completely free, and these codes can be used by any penguin. Here is a complete guide on how to unlock these codes. Most codes in this product work perfectly.

Where do I get codes?
Are achieved by buying a toy Club Penguin toy stores available in some countries, they bear a special currency that can open the Book of Treasures.

If you have a toy, there are totally free reusable code that you can use once a penguin and contain great clothes and many coins, look at those free codes here.

Can I unlock the books?
Yes, like reusable codes they can use all these responses. To see how to unlock it, and a list of responses codes click on the post link.

Can you give me codes toy or memberships?
Sorry but no, that would mean buying a toy to supply all codes at all. Maybe you’re lucky and win some raffles blog.