The Sims FreePlay Tricks and Hack to win over your opponents

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The Sims FreePlay was launched on December 15, 2011. This game is free to download for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android tablets and Android mobile phones and offers a whole new gaming experience. Since the release, many new free updates have been released for Sims FreePlay.

The Sims Freeplay is the free version of the Sims. In this game you do not have to pay anything and it’s not a demo. You can play with all the Sims in your city and complete goals to get rewards. For example, new age categories like babies, toddlers, children, teens and elderly have been added.

There are also more opportunities and new locations such as the mysterious island. Although The Sims FreePlay is free, you can make purchases in the game. For example, you can buy money, lifestyle points and social points that you can use again in the game. You can also earn these things in The Sims FreePlay, but if you want to speed up that process, you may purchase such packages.

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General information
Live out with The Sims FreePlay! Makes up to 34 custom Sims from top to toe and …
– Design dream houses, complete with pools and multi storeys
– Get married to your Sims and make babies and then look at how they grow up to toddlers and children
– Visit the cities of other players! Complete goals, establish new relationships and compare your arts as interior architect with those of your friends!
– Take care of pets, work in the garden or even cook a pie
– Get your Sims career and earn Simoleons to improve their circumstances
– Achieve goals for Lifestyles and then spend on cool stuff
– Lead your life at the same time with your Sims, by the parallel time course (if it’s your day or night, that’s also true for your Sims)!

The most important thing is that you can play for FREE! The Sims FreePlay is available for free in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Windows Phone.

More possibilities
Will your Sims become friends or even enemies? Determine your relationships with a rake hit, a high-five or oh yeah! Make your city a bustling whole by building animal shops, car dealerships and supermarkets. Expand your city to the extent that more Sims come to live. Let your Sims live in paradise and discover a land full of treasure.

The Sims Freeplay
The Sims Freeplay is the Sims on your smartphone or tablet. This version is completely free and it’s not a demo, so you can play as long as you want. There is an option to pay, namely for extra money.

In the game you have to complete goals. For this you get small rewards and you learn to know the game. You can play up to 16 Sims in the city. You start with sim, you can customize the sim yourself or just a random sim. In the beginning you have to complete some simple tasks, such as washing hands or going to the toilet. Later, you will get harder commands, such as adding a new sim to the game. You can also place buildings on your lot, such as a place where you can buy animals. The more buildings and houses you have, the more your city will be worth. At a certain value you get a reward.

The game is suitable for: Android devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Play screen
The play screen is very sharp and clear. The bigger your smartphone, the bigger the play screen of course. At the top you will see the bar with your level, the number of xp and how much you are in percent. In addition, you will also see the date and time. We therefore see one thing that stands out in the game. The date and time are exactly the same as ours. This makes the game a lot more realistic. The interactions last really seconds or minutes as they are with us. This can sometimes be very annoying, but also fun. If you play the game in the evening, it will also be really dark in the game.

Signs on the screen
At the top of the screen is a bar with your level, the number of xp, the time and 4 different characters. The leftmost sign is the money you have, the simoleons. Additionally, you’ll see the number of lifestyle points, allowing you to complete interactions immediately or buy special items. In addition to the lifestyle points, you can see the number of Sims you have and the value of your city. There is also a possibility to buy simoleons or lifestyle points. This can be done by clicking on the pink shopping cart. If you dont wish to spend money then you can also try the sims freeplay cheats to add a lot of simoleons and lifestyle points to your sims account.

On the left side of the screen you will also see a few characters, namely the friends, your work and the ‘simtracker‘. The latter is a special panel that lets you swap from sim. So you control all the Sims in your city.

Below you will see the sim you control at that time. You see his / her mood and the goal you need to complete. The bottom right of the screen shows the city’s signs, options, building and sim.

The game is quite simple in control and it is also explained in the beginning. You can zoom in with your fingers or with the zoom in the upper right corner. The screen can also be rotated, you do this with two fingers. To make your sim do something, click on the item and choose the right interaction. Here’s also how much time interacts. Some will take a few seconds, but there are also interactions that last several hours. You can do your sim at one time at the same time, so you have to wait until your sim is ready for a new interaction.

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  • The game is therefore easy to play, but in English. Making money is a lot harder in this game than in the ordinary sims. Here are some tips for making money quickly.
  • Take good care of your dog, every time it has a balloon over its head, click on it. He will then dig and find things. This can vary from 1 simoleon to 50 simoleons. Sometimes he also finds 1 lifestyle point.
  • Go to your city. Above the houses you will see balloons with bills. You can collect this money.
  • Click the balloon above your mailbox. You will get your daily salary here.
  • Add some food items. You can plant ‘bell peppers’ here, they do not cost anything and you can sell them for 4 simoleons per meal. It only takes 30 seconds for them to be ready.
  • Keep all your Sims in one house. The items from other houses can then be sold.

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The game has got quite a lot of updates, making the gameplay ever more fun and beautiful. The latest version of The Sims Freeplay to download for Android also includes additional pets.

Pay attention
The game is a rather heavy and big download and therefore requires a mobile device with a lot of space. Older devices will not easily ease the game due to its size. The download itself is already 22MB and you will need 560MB to install the game.

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